Howlarium: “Undead Darlings”

Thrilled to be part of Jason Howell’s “Undead Darlings” series for Howlarium: a curation of material cut from a work that has been either published or unpublished. Here is the link! 

About the series:

-paragraphs, passages, alternate endings (or openings), compelling notes or sentence clusters—either cut from a draft or published work, or errant / unused / languishing in a file, folder, or phone, not earmarked for light of day.

As I had written about the excerpt I shared, “This paragraph was cut from a blog post I wrote for AGNI, “Designing Time: The Idea of Plot in the Lyric Essay.” This post was in turn about “Home,” an essay that I had written for the print journal, about place, the body, sexism, and New Mexico. I’ve since been turning this paragraph into a poem.”

I love the image that goes with the text.


Thank you, Jason Howell!